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Bridgestone lends a hand with Motuora reforestation project

For most Bridgestone staff, when the alarm clock rings at 6:00 a.m. on a wet Sunday morning, it’s usually time to snuggle down for an extended sleep in. Not so for the volunteers who braved the elements to help with the Motuora reforestation project Bridgestone are sponsoring with their customer - United Campers.
The day started with a journey north on State Highway 1 to Warkworth and then on to Sandspit to meet the 8:00 a.m. ferry that took Bridgestone staff to Motuora Island in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf.
This trip was to focus on tree planting. In 2009 the Motuora Restoration Society managed to plant over 20,000 trees, and with only a few months remaining in 2010, the pressure was really on to meet and beat last year’s total.
Bridgestone's volunteers were all first time visitors to this unique island, and despite some challenging weather ‘moments’, were impressed at Motuora with its clean sandy beaches and clear (if somewhat chilly) water.
Motuora Island is of particular importance, as it has always been predator free, which makes it ideal for forest restoration and for the creation of a habitat for endangered species. One species that is being translocated is the Pacific Gecko, as the pest free haven provided by Motuora should help this small lizard rebuild the island lizard fauna.
Ken Oyama, Director New Zealand Business for Bridgestone New Zealand Limited, points out that the Bridgestone team will be back to help further. "Our team will be returning to help the Motuora Restoration projects and are looking for additional willing volunteers. It’s not hard work but it’s important work and shows our commitment to the Bridgestone mission of providing a safe environment for all our children and the children of future generations."
If you would like to help with this important environmental project, please contact Bill Dyall: