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Waitakere City Council goes greener with Bridgestone Ecopia

Waitakere, New Zealand’s fifth-largest and first eco city has partnered with Bridgestone, further reaffirming its commitment towards the environment. Waitakere City Council (WCC) is taking big steps towards turning its vehicle fleet ‘green’.
Photo details (left to right): Bill Dyall, Bridgestone New Zealand Limited Corporate Accounts Manager; Penny Hulse, Waitakere City Council Deputy Mayor; Shaun Hoines, Waitakere City Council Fleet Manager; Ken Oyama, Bridgestone New Zealand Limited Director New Zealand Business.
In addition to ongoing fleet audits with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the council has fitted its cars with Ecopia EP100, Bridgestone’s fuel-saving, carbon-reducing tyres.
The partnership between the council and Bridgestone has consolidated the council’s effective vehicle management protocols with early results highlighting a stabilisation in fuel consumption. This has been attributed to an elimination of the vehicles’ fuel ‘peaks and troughs’.
The council has many examples of the benefits of having fitted Ecopia but one particularly successful case is that of a late model, 2.0ltr hatch which, before being fitted with Ecopia EP100 had an average fuel consumption of 11.28 L/100km. It is now averaging 9.6 L/100km.
"It is really fantastic to be working for a council which has a determination to be environmentally aware in all aspects of its business,” says fleet manager Shaun Hoines.
Waitakere City Council is also a strong advocate of nitrogen tyre inflation and has used this technique in conjunction with the Ecopia EP100 tyres. The benefits of nitrogen tyre inflation are simple. Tyres don’t leak as quickly. This stability ensures they stay at the correct pressure for longer, which in turn further reduces running costs.
As an added bonus Bridgestone checks the nitrogen inflated Ecopia EP100 tyres for the council twice a year so drivers don’t need to worry about over or under inflating the tyres.
“What this all means for people managing large fleets of cars is huge,” adds Shaun.  “Not only do we reap the benefits of ground-breaking tyre technology in a financial and administrative sense, we are doing our part to make motoring as green as possible.”
Ken Oyama, Director New Zealand Business at Bridgestone New Zealand Limited says; “At Bridgestone, our mission is to provide a safe environment for all our children and the children of future generations. That’s why we believe in doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment.”
“Through that commitment, we have created a product that reduces a vehicle’s impact on the environment without compromising on Bridgestone’s reputation for quality and safety,” he adds.

For more information and to see Bridgestone Ecopia in action, please click here.