For light commercial vehicles and utes

Choosing the right tyre for your work vehicle means an easier day on the job, and better profitability. We have a range of quality, reliable choices for working vehicles, from ute tyres, to van tyres and light truck tyres.

We offer a tough and durable tyre for every working situation giving you the ultimate in strength and performance. Whether you’re looking for superior traction, extended wear life, fuel efficiency or an all-purpose tyre, there’s an option to suit you.  

No matter the job, you can depend on our light commercial tyre range to see you through.

  • Light Commercial

  • On/Off Road

  • Ecopia R710

    Bridgestone Ecopia R710

    Light Commercial Fuel Saving

  • Duravis R205

    Bridgestone Duravis R205

    Light Commercial

  • Bridgestone R623

    Firestone CV4000

    Everyday Commercial

  • Supercat LVR

    Supercat LVR

    Value Light Truck

  • Bridgestone R623

    Bridgestone R623

    Light Commercial

  • Bridgestone 613

    Bridgestone 613V

    OE Light Commercial

  • Bridgestone R265

    Bridgestone R265

    Light Commercial

  • Duravis R660

    Bridgestone Duravis R660

    Light Commercial

  • Duravis R630

    Bridgestone Duravis R630

    Light Commercial

  • Duravis R611

    Bridgestone Duravis R611

    OE Light Commercial

  • Duravis R411

    Bridgestone Duravis R411

    OE Light Commercial

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