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How do I shop in-store at Bridgestone?

Download the Zip app or sign up at You need to be 18+, have a NZ debit or credit card and have a
NZ Driver Licence. See FAQs below for more info and what to do if you don’t have a NZ Driver Licence.

If approved to shop you will see your available balance. This can be between $50 and $1,000 subject to an
individualised credit assessment. Your spend limit will increase if you make all your payments on time.

Navigate to “in-store” and create an in-store QR code. You must be able to make the entire purchase with your available
balance and cannot top up with another payment type like cash or eftpos. You must have at least 25% on your nominated card.

Present your in-store QR code to any member of the team at the counter. You will need to approve the purchase
on your mobile once the code is scanned. The first 25% payment is charged immediately.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Zip work?

    Zip allows you to make purchases and take your goods straight away by paying 25% upfront with the rest charged over three fortnightly interest-free payments.


    How much credit can I get with Zip?

    If you pass Zip’s minimum credit criteria you will be allocated a spend limit between $50 - $1,000 subject to an individualised credit assessment.


    How do I sign up to shop with Zip?

    You need to apply online at so will need mobile data or Wi-Fi. The sign-up process takes 2-3 minutes and you need to be 18 years or older and have a NZ debit or credit card.


    What if I don't have a NZ Driver Licence or get an ID failed message when applying?

    Zip needs to identify you. You can get manually ID verified as part of the signup or checkout process with other forms of ID (this process can take up to 24 hours) so just follow the prompts.

    Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no fees and interest costs to shop with Zip if you make your payments on time. If you miss a payment you will be charged an $8 default fee per week it is late (capped at $40 total late fees per purchase).


    Why did I get declined?

    Zip performs a credit check as part of its application process. Bridgestone does not have any influence on Zip’s credit criteria. If you have questions around your application, you will need to contact Zip Pay.


    Why can’t I shop with Zip again straight away?

    If you are a new Zip customer, you will need to wait until your second instalment has been paid (2 weeks after purchase) before you can shop with Zip again.


    Is there a minimum spend amount to shop with Zip?

    There is a minimum spend of $50 to shop with Zip at Bridgestone.


    Do I need the whole amount of the purchase on my card?

    No, you only need 25% of your purchase on your nominated card, which is charged at checkout.


    Can I sign up to Zip while at the checkout?

    No, you need to sign up to Zip via the Zip mobile app or at and be approved to shop BEFORE shopping in-store.


    Is there anything I can’t purchase using Zip?

    Zip can’t be used to purchase mobile top-ups, ePay products (iTunes, gaming cards, etc.), Gift Cards or Christmas Club cards (including top-ups).


    Can I make an early payment?

    Sure. Just log on to your Zip customer account at or using the mobile app and follow the instructions.


    Will you remind me about my instalments?

    Yes, Zip will email you the day before they take the instalment payment, but it is still down to you to ensure there are sufficient funds to take each instalment payment.


    How do I update my details?

    Please log onto your account at and follow the instructions.


    Are my details safe?

    Yes. The Zip platform is SSL secure and Zip does not store your full debit card details. All payments are handled by Payment Express, a secure PCI compliant New Zealand based payment gateway.
    Zip only deal with your information in accordance with the Zip privacy policy, which you can find on

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