Power Steering Flush

Old and neglected power steering fluid affects the performance of your vehicle’s power steering system. It can increase steering effort, reduce steering effectiveness, cause noise and harden seals, resulting in leaks and expensive repairs.

What does a power steering flush do?

A power steering flush is designed to:

  • Remove dirt and varnish within the steering system
  • Revitalise the seals
  • Prevent premature wear on crucial engine parts
  • Prolong the life of steering system parts
  • Restore functionality of power steering hydraulic system
  • Remove damaging contaminants
  • Decrease power steering pump wear
  • Stop and prevent power steering noise

Steering Flush


Power steering service

At Bridgestone Select we offer power steering maintenance and repair services to remove any harmful deposits or impurities that could be causing damage to your vehicle. Visit your nearest Bridgestone Select store for a power steering flush today and our certified auto technicians will clean the entire steering system to prevent degradation and leaks in your vehicle.

Signs of power steering issues

If your steering displays any of the listed symptoms, it's crucial to promptly seek inspection and repair from a qualified Bridgestone mechanic.

Indications of steering troubles:
  • Trouble turning the steering wheel
  • Vibrations when gripping the wheel while driving
  • Grinding noises during steering
  • Slipping sensation or movement when holding or turning the wheel
  • Loose feel in the steering
  • Vehicle veering to one side
  • Screeching sounds while turning the wheel

How much is a power steering flush?

The price for a power steering flush and service can vary depending on the specific issue.

For a comprehensive diagnosis and a tailored quote to get you safely back on the road, we suggest bringing your car to your nearest Bridgestone for all your power steering requirements.

Available at Bridgestone Select only

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Repairs are available at Bridgestone Select stores only.

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