CV Boots & CV Joints

CV Boots

A CV boot is a rubber cover that provides protection for the CV (Constant Velocity) joint which is responsible for transmitting power from the engine and transmission. The CV boots are exposed to constant heat and weather conditions so it is common for CV boots to degrade over time. If your CV boot splits, lubricating grease will come away from the CV joint which could result in expensive damage including the replacement of the CV joint. 

CV Boots
If you are concerned about the condition of your CV joints and boots, or failed a Warrant of Fitness because of them, see the team at Bridgestone Select and one of our qualified mechanics will be happy to help.

The role of CV boots and CV joints in your vehicle

CV boots, also known as constant velocity boots or CV joint boots, serve as protective covers for the CV joints, preventing dirt and moisture from causing damage. On the other hand, CV joints enable the shaft to rotate at varying angles, facilitating smooth wheel turns during cornering and suspension movement.

A compromised CV boot or joint can lead to serious vehicle issues like power loss, vibrations, and even complete drivetrain failure. Regular inspection and timely CV boots replacement and CV joint replacement are imperative to prevent expensive repairs and ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

CV boot and joint replacement

Over time, CV boots and joints can become damaged, leading to performance and safety issues. Common symptoms of a faulty CV boot or joint include clicking noises when making turns and excessive vibration during acceleration. Ignoring these issues can lead to further damage and expensive repairs.

A professional service involves a trained technician conducting a thorough inspection and using high-quality parts for CV boots replacement and CV joint repair.

At Bridgestone, we are committed to maintaining the performance and safety of your vehicle. Our team of highly trained technicians is equipped to handle CV boot and joint replacement with precision.

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