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For tractors, harvesters, loggers and ride on garden mowers and equipment

Farmers today find themselves on the frontline of a rapidly changing world. Exponential population growth, pressure on arable land, ever-stricter environmental controls and changing patterns of consumption... the pressure on farmers to boost productivity is greater than ever. Which is why Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, has poured all its experience, expertise and above all passion into developing advanced premium agricultural tyres that helps farmers work faster, carry higher loads, harvest greater yields and consume less fuel - all while protecting their (and our) most precious resource: fertile soil.

Tractors, harvesters, loggers and ride on garden mowers and equipment.



Bridgestone has entered the agricultural radial tyre market for the first time and has done so with VT-TRACTOR, Bridgestone’s flagship agricultural tyre specially designed to help farmers boost productivity and yield, while at the same time protect their precious soil for the future.

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Firestone radial tyres offer the ideal balance of performance and productivity. Superior engineering and refined designs result in reduced soil compaction, higher load capacity, improved traction and longer wear.

Built for all types of terrain

Delivering positive steering and long life in and out of the field, our bias and implement tyres are designed to give you control and stability, whether you’re climbing the hillside or moving along the highway. We even have a tyre for self-powered implements.

Built for all types of terrain

Forestry Tyres

Forestry Tyres

Forestry tyres are tyres designed to handle the heavy loads and unpredictable terrain associated with loggers, skidders, and forwarders. Manoeuvring heavy equipment is enough of a challenge; that's why Firestone engineers forestry tyres to meet the challenging demands of heavier loads and higher-horsepower machines.

All bases covered

We cover all working conditions – from wet fields to forestry plantations to sandy soils, from pulling mobile irrigation equipment through fields to working on the airport tarmac, from the golf course to park maintenance. Wherever you work, we have a reliable, tough tyre to suit.

All bases covered
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