Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Optimal tyre performance relies on proper inflation and care. Nitrogen tyre inflation provides several benefits, including slower pressure loss compared to air-filled tyres. This stability enhances gas mileage, extends tyre lifespan, and ensures consistent performance. Nitrogen-filled tyres maintain optimal pressure, promoting efficient fuel consumption and reducing underinflation risks. While regular maintenance is vital, nitrogen inflation offers added advantages for safer, more economical, and reliable driving

If you often have under-inflated tyres, it is time to see the team at your nearest Bridgestone Select or
Bridgestone Tyre Centre for nitrogen tyre inflation.

Why put nitrogen in tyres?

Nitrogen leaks slower than standard compressed air and is a good way to maintain tyre pressure for longer, enjoying the benefits of:

  • better fuel economy;
  • longer tyre life;
  • improved road grip and handling; and
  • safer more secure all-weather performance


Nitrogen in tyres

The benefits of nitrogen tyre inflation has been substantiated from research conducted by The Get Nitrogen Institute. A detailed summary of the reported results can be seen here.

At Bridgestone Select or Bridgestone Tyre Centre, we make it a point to offer you only the best, and when it comes to tyre inflation, nitrogen is the ultimate performer.

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