Can a tyre create art?

Guided by Bridgestone’s long legacy in motorsport, our passion for innovation, and by people’s desire for beauty in emerging technology, Bridgestone gathered a diverse team of artists, creative technologists and precision drivers to answer the question: can a tyre create art? The result was four unique pieces that visualise the key qualities of Potenza ultra-high performance tyres: grip, control, high speed stability and precision.


The tyre behind the performance
Bridgestone Potenza tyres deliver ultimate handling and response, allowing drivers to take sharp turns with precision. Experience the exhilaration of ultra-high performance tyres today.

Redefining the beauty of ultra-high performance

Leveraging Spatial AI to generate artistic expressions of performance driving data points, the final results are far from just lines on a canvas, rather a tangible showcase of the qualities that define Bridgestone’s ultra-high performance Potenza tyres on the racetrack – a true embodiment of innovation and passion at every turn. Go behind the scenes to discover more.

The Artwork

Four dynamic pieces of digital art were created from the data captured, each one a living expression of Bridgestone’s ultra-high performance Potenza tyres, which were used for the campaign.

Superior straight line stability

Capturing the essence of velocity and reflecting the rapid manoeuvres of our skilled driver, ‘High Speed’ translates the thrill of the ride into an exhilarating visual experience.

Extreme accuracy for dominating sharp turns

The geometric patterns of ‘Precision’ speak to Bridgestone's meticulous craftsmanship. Arising with mathematical regularity, the piece exemplifies the control and purpose synonymous with a painter’s brush.

Exceptional cornering and braking in dry and wet conditions

The detailed patterns of ‘Grip’ represent quick acceleration on a curved path, as if the canvas itself is responding to an unseen force.

The ultimate in handling and responsive steering

The apparent dance of light and shadow in ‘Control’ mirrors the finesse of handling mastery that has clearly been applied to every inch of this canvas.

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