Potenza Potenza Sport

Bridgestone�s Potenza Sport is the new benchmark for performance tyres. Replacing the flagship Potenza S007A product, Potenza Sport also has original equipment fitments with several manufacturers including Audi, Porsche and Ferrari, as well as exclusive fitment on the Maserati MC20 and Lamborghini Huracan STO models.
High speed stability
Ultimate wet performance
Excellent braking performance
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Tyre feature Benefit for you
Asymmetric wall angle on ribs and new hybrid crown reinforcement belt Provides rigidity and lateral stiffness for superb stability during cornering and straight running
Optimised rib and void distribution with variable rib profile Optimised contact pressure and water evacuation for ultimate wet performance
Innovative 3D sipes Increased shear stiffness with benefits in wet braking and abrasion resistance
Sporty carcass package featuring tailored textiles, bead filler and shape Supports steering response and stability plus optimises rolling resistance
High performance profile shape Maximises contact area with the road for enhanced grip and stability
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