Bridgestone Off Road Tyres imported by retailers other than Bridgestone Earthmover Tyres

Bridgestone New Zealand Ltd. (“BSNZ”) imports into New Zealand Bridgestone tyres for off road vehicles, including earthmovers, loaders and bulldozers, graders, industrial machines, mobile cranes, logging machinery and compactors. BSNZ is the only company in New Zealand who is authorised by the manufacturer of the off road tyres to import them into New Zealand. BSNZ sells and distributes the tyres itself and through a network of authorized dealers.

BSNZ is aware that Bridgestone branded off road tyres are being imported into New Zealand by retailers and wholesalers who are not authorized by the manufacturer of the tyres to do so.

Customers who purchase Bridgestone branded tyres from anyone other than BSNZ or its authorised dealers should be aware of the inherent risks in doing so. These risks include:

  1. The non BSNZ tyres may not comply with New Zealand laws and safety standards. Many of the non BSNZ tyres are imported from markets such as South America, South Africa and the USA, which have different safety standards from New Zealand.
  2. The non BSNZ tyres may not provide the same quality and performance as the tyres imported by BSNZ. BSNZ only imports tyres which its technical staff has assessed are suitable for use in New Zealand conditions, and in the particular types of markets in which the tyres will be used. This process is a rigorous and technical one and non BSNZ importers are unlikely to have the technical knowledge or processes to assess whether the tyres they are importing are suitable for use in New Zealand conditions. Customers should also be aware that mixing BSNZ imported tyres with tyres imported by non BSNZ retailers could create uneven wear of the tyres, with some wearing out faster than others. This may also affect the handling of the vehicle.
  3. The non BSNZ tyres may be several years old by the time they arrive in New Zealand, and may have been stored in unfavourable conditions which mean they are not in a new state.


Liability of BSNZ for defects associated with non BSNZ imported tyres

BSNZ provides tyre repair and tyre management services to customers who purchase tyres from it or its authorized dealers; and to customers who import original equipment which already has Bridgestone manufactured tyres attached. Each tyre has an exclusive serial number, so BSNZ is able to trace whether a tyre has been imported by it or by an unauthorised retailer or wholesaler; or in the case of original equipment, whether the tyre was manufactured by BSNZ’s overseas manufacturer. BSNZ will only provide tyre repair or management services for Bridgestone branded tyres which were imported by BSNZ; or which were attached to original equipment and were manufactured by BSNZ’s overseas manufacturer.

BSNZ also provides a manufacturer’s warranty of five years from the date of manufacture. This warranty applies only to Bridgestone branded tyres which are imported into New Zealand by BSNZ or as fitted on original equipment. No warranty is given by Bridgestone in relation to off road tyres imported into New Zealand by anyone other than BSNZ.

BSNZ disclaims any liability for defects in non BSNZ imported tyres, or for any loss or damage suffered by a party as a result of using non BSNZ imported tyres. Any claims for such defects, loss or damage, should be made against the importer of the tyres.

If you are concerned about whether the tyres on your vehicles have been imported into New Zealand by BSNZ or a non-authorised retailer or wholesaler, please contact BSNZ.

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