Easy Guide To Camping Comfortably With A 4wd

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28 June, 2017
Easy Guide To Camping Comfortably With A 4wd

For some people, the word ‘camping’ is not one they want to hear. There seems to be a common perception that in order to go camping you must rough it, and be uncomfortable.

Today, this couldn’t be further from the truth; with people regularly camping in comfort all throughout the year. If you have a 4WD, you have every opportunity to camp comfortably. It all comes down to how you are set up, and how you go about the adventure.

Whilst you might not have access to every luxury at your fingertips that you would at home, you can easily have a comfortable camping trip.


Common reasons camping is uncomfortable

Bad Night’s Sleep
If you’ve been camping and had a night or more where sleep was difficult and uncomfortable, it’s an easy way to be put off. We’ve had several of those in the past, and it usually comes back to a lack of quality gear. A quality mattress and sleeping bag is imperative to comfortable camping; a bad night’s sleep quickly dampens your trip away.

With the right gear, we sleep just as well camping as we do at home!

No Showers or Toilets
When you are out in the bush, it is obviously harder to get access to a shower and toilet. That said, it’s not impossible; there are plenty of portable toilets on the market and a huge range of showers.

Taking enough water with you is your biggest battle though, so having a hot shower every night for days on end is not often possible unless you are camped near fresh water.

Being Exposed to the Weather
By nature, camping means you are more exposed to the weather. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable because of it. A storm shouldn’t mean your camping trip ends in a train wreck.

Quality gear, a knowledge of how to use it and of course only heading out when its suitable will ensure the weather doesn’t put a dampener on your trip.

No Electricity
Gone are the days of having to use a gas lantern to stumble through the bush. You can easily have a fridge, decent lighting, chargers for your phones/cameras/laptops and a huge range of electrics when camping. I’ll tell you about some power options in a minute.

Poor Quality Food
If you think camping means you’ve got to live on 2 minute noodles and artificial mashed potato, you will be pleasantly surprised. There’s no reason why you can’t eat just as well as you do at home, and without a doubt food eaten when camping always tastes better.


How Does a 4WD Help with Comfortable Camping?

If you have a 4WD, you are in a great position to go camping in comfort. It’s not to say you can’t camp comfortably out of a different style of vehicle, but a 4WD offers the most flexibility in many different ways.

12V Gear (Electrical Power)
Perhaps the biggest change in recent years relates to the power you have access to when camping. With a dual battery system, a solar panel and some basic wiring, you can have a power setup from your 4WD that will keep you and your family very happy.

You’ll probably laugh, but there’s no reason why you can’t run a fridge/freezer, phone chargers, laptops, cameras, ample lighting, water pumps for running water and many other accessories from a basic electrical system in a 4WD.

For the bigger and more complicated setups, people even run coffee machines, microwaves, TV’s and 12V ovens! Once you’ve purchased the gear, it’s free to run and makes your camping life so much easier.

Plenty of Room
If you’ve ever tried to go camping with a family in a small vehicle, you’ll know it’s virtually impossible. A 4WD allows you to take more gear, and without so much consideration into conserving space. Of course, ensure your vehicle is not over weight!

Roof racks are the perfect storage spot for light weight gear, like swags, tents, chairs, fishing gear and solar panels, and on a 4WD they are big enough to take everything you need.

Instead of compromising and getting air beds that are small enough to fit into your 4WD, you can take proper self-inflating mattresses that will ensure you have a good night’s sleep. You can fit a portable toilet in, along with enough water to have a shower from time to time!

Easy Storage
You don’t have to look far to see the impressive storage and kitchen setups in the back of 4WDs. Drawer systems along with a fridge slide are very common, with table setups. Gone are the days of searching through endless tubs and bags to find what you want; drawers make it very easy to get everything quickly and easily.

Cooking and doing what you need to when camping becomes simple and easy, instead of a chore. The more you do it, the easier it becomes too.

Access to Quiet Locations
Camping is great, except when you are next to a whole heap of other random people. A 4WD allows you to get to locations where a large majority of people can’t; instead of being packed in like sardines to 3 x 3 metre camp sites, you can find your own one without even being able to see others.

Instead of being forced to listen to what your neighbours are doing, you can relax and enjoy the birds chirping or waves rolling onto the beach.

4WD Accessory Options
The 4WD accessory market is bigger than ever today. There are more accessories on the market to make your travel and camping more comfortable than most people know what to do with.

Awnings on the side of your car allow for shade and weather protection in under a few minutes, anywhere. Roof top tents mean you can set up camp for the night extremely quickly, and you are off the ground.

Ability to Safely Tow
4WDs are used often for towing boats, caravans or camper trailers. They are able to do so safely, and once you’ve taken a boat, caravan or camper trailer camping you won’t look back; it’s more luxury and comfort!


Camping In Comfort from Your 4WD

If you have access to a 4WD, there is no reason why you can’t go on a comfortable camping trip. It will be different to what you are used to at home, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or stressful.

We’ve got so many beautiful places to explore in New Zealand; what are you waiting for?! 

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